Time Stamp
PKI services
We operate a certificate authority (CA) and thus provide digital certificates. We offer both qualified certificates for electronic signatures, and advanced (non-qualified) certificates for advanced electronic signatures, encryption, user authentication, etc. Our root certificate is included in the default certificate repository of Windows. We also operate a time stamping authority that provides qualified timestamps that can prove that a certain document existed at a given time.
Systems relying on PKI
We develop and operate systems relying on PKI, and we prefer to include PKI elements in systems we develop during our other activities. For instance, Microsec develops and operates the IT services of registry courts (who are responsible for keeping the registry of Hungarian companies) since 1990, and currently these systems are the flagships of Hungarian PKI-based services. Lawyers can found companies (on behalf of their clients) using their qualified electronic signatures, and they receive the official decision signed with the qualified electronic signature of the judge. Companies can also submit their annual reports with advanced electronic signatures, and these electronically signed, authentic documents are available to the general public. Most of these systems are based on the 'Mediator' technology developed by Microsec.
Signature creation application
The e-Szignó signature creation application can create e-dossiers that can encapsulate multiple signatures over multiple documents and can also store corresponding metadata, and thus they are particularly useful for supporting workflows based on electronic signatures. e-Dossiers have an XML structure and can contain signatures of XAdES (-EPES, -T, -A, etc) format. e-Szignó is also capable of creating PDF signatures. e-Szignó can either be used as a standalone application with a graphical user interface, or it can be integrated into a document managements system as a library or as a command-line application. e-Szignó runs under Windows, Solaris and Linux, the graphical user interface is available under Windows. The standalone application with a Windows GUI can be downloaded and used freely with certificates issued by our CA, and it can also be used for testing purposes with our test CA and TSA.
Qualified long-term archiving
Long-term archiving requires a special, dedicated environment for both paper-based and electronically signed documents. A cryptographic algorithm that can be used for creating secure signatures today might become breakable in the future due to sudden advances in cryptoanalysis or in computational capabilities. Thus, there is a possibility that today's secure signatures become forgeable in the future. The Hungarian law on electronic signatures defines a service for the trusted (qualified) long-term archiving of electronically signed documents. Microsec was the first (and is currently still the only) company in Hungary who is registered as a qualified long-term archiving service provider.