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MicroCA Solution to create and manage digital certificates and timestamps

MICROSEC MicroCA software package provides a world class secure solution to build, operate and manage a whole range of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) systems.

The members of the MicroCA software package

MICROSEC offers the MicroCA software package for those who build certificate authorities (CAs) and time-stamping systems.

MicroCA application

The MICROSEC MicroCA application is a collection of modules, which support the whole range of CA functionality for issuing and managing certificates. With MicroCA, you will be able to issue and manage all functions related to various digital certificates (issuance, suspension, reinstation, revocation). The MicroCA solution provides status information about the certificates (valid, suspended, revoked) in Certificate Revocation List (CRL) and online certificate status information by using OCSP. Main features

MicroTSA application

The MICROSEC MicroTSA Timestamp Server Application is an Apache web server module, which is able to receive timestamp requests and issue RFC 3161 timestamps through HTTP/HTTPS protocol by using username/password or PKI certificate based authentication.

MicroOCSP daemon

The MICROSEC MicroOCSP daemon is an RFC 2560 OCSP server to provide online status information about certificates issued by any (unlimited) number of CA-s. The MicroOCSP is part of the MicroCA package but may be ordered as a separate product also.

The MicroCA software components meet the following requirements, standards, specifications and protocols:

For any further information and to obtain a detailed technical specification, please contact us on the sales@microsec.hu e-mail address or on the (+36-1) 505-4444 phone number.