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e-Szignó Signature Creation Application

The e-Szignó electronic signature creation application is one of the key tools of secure electronic office work.

The e-Szignó signature creation application can create e-dossiers that can encapsulate multiple signatures over multiple documents and can also store corresponding metadata, and thus they are particularly useful for supporting workflows based on electronic signatures. e-Dossiers have an XML structure and can contain signatures of XAdES (-EPES, -T, -A, etc) format, and also supports countersignatures and proof of receipts. e-Szignó also has a module for scanners, so scanned documents can be inserted into and e-dossier with a single click. e-Szignó is also capable of creating PDF signatures.

e-Szignó can either be used as a standalone application with a graphical user interface, or it can be integrated into a document managements system as a library or as a command-line application. e-Szignó runs under Windows, Solaris and Linux, the graphical user interface is available under Windows. The standalone application with a Windows GUI can be downloaded and used freely with certificates issued by our CA, and it can also be used for testing purposes with our test CA and TSA. (E.g. signatures can be created using this test signature certificate (pfx)), time stamps and OCSP responses can be obtained using this test authentication certificate.)

The interface of the e-Szignó
The interface of the e-Szignó Windows client application

An e-dossier may also adhere to a schema. A schema defines a structure for an e-dossier, it prescribes what documents it may, and what documents it must contain. When a user creates an e-dossier with a certain schema, e-Szignó helps the user in inserting the documents that are mandatory for the given schema, and also guides the user in giving each document the appropriate name. Thus, the receiver of the signed e-dossier can easily decide the purpose of each document in the dossier, without having to understand the documents themselves. Various schema exists in various fields of application. For instance, there are schemas for notaries, schemas for the electronic firm registry system, etc.

e-Szignó was evaluated and certified by MATRIX Auditing, Evaluating and Certification, an organization entitled for the evaluation of electronic signature related products in Hungary. (Click to download the certificate)

e-Szignó is widely used by Hungarian barristers (e.g. in the electronic firm registry system), notaries (e.g. for electronic archiving) and by various governmental and private organizations in Hungary. (Click here for our references)