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How to Access our Time stamp service

Demo Time Stamp Service

You may test our time stamp service free of charge and without any constraints. There are two ways for implementing the test online:

  1. Without authentication certificate:
    • Set the Microsec Basic Test URL in your signature creation software:
    • For time stamp creation please use the followings:
      Login:test Password:test
  2. With our test authentication certificate:

The test service is free of charge and works only for demo purposes!
Please note, that the test service is not made for testing high performance.

We strongly suggest you to use the latest SHA256 algorythm due to the imminent change of signature algorythms from SHA1 to SHA256.

Our regular time stamp service charges fees. A service contract must be signed to access the service.

The e-Szigno Certificate Authority is not responsible for test time stamps and may not be held liable for these time stamps. By using the test service, you accept, that the service provider may not be hold liable for these time stamps as they do not carry any power of proof.

For contracts or for more detailed information please contact our head office by filling the form on the right or call them directly:
(+36-1) 505 – 4444

Contact us

Thank you for contacting Microsec, our colleague will answer your request soon!
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Qualified Time stamp Service

Our qualified time stamp service may be reached by either basic (login-password) or certificate based authentication. This service uses the newest SHA256 algorythm and accepts only SHA256 time stamp requests. We strongly suggest, that you use the newest SHA256 algorythm due to the imminent change of signature algorythms from SHA1 to SHA256.

To reach our service (SHA256), use the following URLs:

If you plan to use large quantities of time stamps, we are ready to provide you with a dedicated time stamp service access to provide high performance. The high performance service guarantees a minimum of 80 time stamps/second.

Microsec Time Stamp Service - New password