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Get ready to comply with the PSD2 directive

Microsec offers PKI-based technology to fulfil authentication and information security requirements triggered by the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2). Our solutions provide high level security for customers and Payment Service Providers in order to let the Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSPs) establish secure access to account data for the third-party payment providers (TPPs) operating within the European Economic Area (EEA). Technical availability and testability of the so-called "open banking" concept must be established from Spring 2019.

PSD2-specific Qualified Seal and Web Server Authentication Certificates for Financial Institutions (ASPSP) and Third-Party Financial Service Providers (TPP).

PSD2-compliant test and qualified certificates are available. Our certificates comply with the eIDAS Regulation and the services are listed on the EU Trust List.

Our certificates allow payment service providers, including TPPs and ASPSPs, to comply with the requirement and related technical standard resulting from the PSD2 Directive. The certificates ensure the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of the communication, as well as provide legally binding evidence about transactions and contents.

We issue customized PSD2-specific test certificates which contain test QC statement. Test trust list is available upon request to provide real test environment.

PSD2-specific test certificates request

Qualified PSD2-specific certificates request

Customer authentication tool based on PKI

PassByME Mobile ID – The PSD2 compliant strong customer authentication tool

The service is also suitable for transaction approval, PDF signature and bulk signing. The consent of the mobile device is directly linked to the document: standard, personalized, secure, interactive, therefore more than a PSD2-compliant strong client authentication (SCA) tool based on PKI.

PSD2-specific certificate validation toolbox

The Microsec PSD2-specific certificate validation toolbox provides a robust and customizable solution for all validation tasks, including checks of subject identity, certificate expiry, revocation, qualified status, conformity, regulatory information and more. The toolbox can be used to validate any certificate given as input, or to validate a certificate as part of a complete digital signature validation (e.g. for electronic seal certificates)

More detailed information about our PSD2 related solutions.

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