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e-Szignó eIDAS Qualified Time Stamps and Time Stamp Service

Microsec Zrt. e-Szignó Certificate Authority is committed to providing its Customers with a high quality and secure service at all times.

To this end, our Time Stamping service offers you in the future stronger, more secure ECC-based time stamps .

This new cryptographic algorithm has been supported by most signature creation applications for years, but before using it, you should check to see if your program actually supports the ECC algorithm.

Details of the algorithm change

Benefits of the time stamp service:

*: no performance is guaranteed, however, a performance level of 5 time stamps/second for this service is maintained (a single user can expect 1 time stamp/second on average).

Price list for prepaid time stamps

Quantity (pcs) Validity period Price (EUR)
1 000 3 months 60
10 000 1 year 400
50 000 1 year 1500
100 000 1 year 2400
How to order?

For larger time stamp packages or for more detailed information, please contact our sales department by filling the form below or call us directly: (+36-1) 505 – 4444

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