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Reporting trust service related security incidents

Should you recognize any sign of misuse in relation to certificates issued or trust services provided by Microsec Ltd. (such as illegal key usage, phishing, key compromise, unauthorized use of certificate, malicious code signing with code signing certificate, or any other suspicious activity) please immediately notify us by any of the following ways:

by email to:  HighPriorityCertificateProblemReport@e-szigno.hu


on the following page: https://srv.e-szigno.hu/high_risk_report 

Microsec Ltd. maintains a continuously available 24/7 internal service for receiving emergency notifications, investigates them within 24 hours and takes necessary measures. If required notifies the supervisory authority on the problem reported and/or revokes the relevant certificate.

Microsec always informs the sender of the incident report about the receipt of the incident report and about the result of the investigation. In the event of a certificate revocation, Microsec informs the certificate subscriber according to the general rules laid down in the Practice Statement.